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Smoothies are getting more and more popular. It is marked as a health food. These beverages are healthy, portable, and adjustable as per your taste and dietary preference. They are easy to make. Or you can purchase fresh or bottled smoothies from cafes, restaurants, or grocery stores. Some smoothies are loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables, while others are loaded with sugar. In this article, you will learn a lot about smoothies. You will get to educate yourself on the potential benefits of smoothies to types of smoothies. 

What are Smoothies?

Smoothies are thick, creamy beverages usually made by blending fruits and vegetables, juices, yogurt, seeds, nuts, and milk. Most people like to add frozen produce or ice in their smoothies to give them icy consistency. However, the flavor of smoothies depends on the ingredients you will add to your smoothies. Some of the ingredients in homemade or storebought smoothies include:

  • Fruits: Smoothies include fruits like strawberries, raspberries, bananas, kiwi, mango, apple, peach, and pineapple.
  • Vegetables: Some common vegetables in smoothies include spinach, kale, beetroot, carrot, cauliflower, avocado, cucumber, and wheatgrass. 
  • Liquid: You need fluid to make a smoothie. You can use water, fruit juice, vegetable juice, milk, coconut water, non-dairy milk, and iced tea. 
  • Nuts and Seeds: You can enhance your smoothie’s taste with a variety of nuts or nut butter such as walnut butter, peanut butter, almond butter. You can also add seeds such as chia seeds, hemp seeds, and flax meal to your smoothie. It will enhance the taste and nutritional value of your smoothie. 
  • Herba and Spices: Herbs and spices will increase the nourishment properties of your smoothies. You can add turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cocoa powder, cacao nibs, parsley, and basil. 
  • Sweeteners: To add sweetness to your smoothies, you can add maple syrup, raw sugar, pitted dates, or honey. You can also add stevia in your smoothies to make them sweet. 

Types Of Smoothies:

  • Fruit Smoothies: As it is explained in the name, this kind of smoothie includes one or more fruits, blended with juice, water, or milk. 
  • Green Smoothie: Leafy green vegetables are put together in water, juice, or milk in green smoothies. They tend to be heavier than regular fruit smoothies. Most people add a little fruit to their green smoothies to add a little sweetness. 
  • Protein Smoothies: Protein smoothies include one fruit or vegetable and a protein source such as greek yogurt, cottage cheese, silken tofu, or protein powder. 

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