Let’s Talk About Stress

Stress isn’t just something you feel.


It’s not just that anxious feeling and tightness in your chest.


When you’re stressed your body releases stress hormones. Cortisol, for example.


And it does not just work and relationship type stress that releases it.


Cutting your calories with extreme diets can trigger the release of stress hormones too.


But so what?


So what if you got stress hormones kicking about your body 24/7?


Well, they can curb fat loss for one.


The stress hormone cortisol can actually increase your body fat storage and if you’re stressed out all day long that’s not a good thing.


So even if you’re training…


And even if you’ve got your diet dialed in, stress could be holding you back.


It’s well worth thinking about. So what can you do about it?


Well, take time to de-stress.


Take time out to meditate, exercise, and spend time with the family.


Do something that stops your thinking too much. Do something that slows you down for a second.


And remind yourself that this game; this life isn’t a rehearsal and you only get one shot to ENJOY it in all its glory.


So get out there and have some fun.


Lower your stress levels, lose some weight, and live a little.

Which one of these ideas clicked with you the most? What topics are on your mind right now? When you guys share your takeaways in the comments, it helps us see what kind of information is actually valuable to you and we can focus on it more. We’re super interested in knowing which ones sparked an idea in your mind. Let us know in the comments.


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