Essential Oil Diffuser Around Kids - Is It Safe?

Essential Oil Diffuser Around Kids - Is It Safe?

by Pushpa Grover

The essential oil diffuser is trending in the market and so it is necessary to discuss if it is safe around children or not? Can we use it in the child’s room? 

There are essential oil diffusers for all people and all types of spaces, but when it comes to the kids’ rooms, we need to be a little wise. Before choosing the diffuser it is important to know that it is safe. 

Essential Oil Diffuser

Is essential oil diffuser safe for children? 

The answer is yes only if you do it sensibly. A diffuser is one of the best and safest ways to use essential oils. And why so? Because it needs a very small amount of essential oil for the whole room. 

Are you planning to essential oil diffuser for your kid’s room? Well, make sure to focus on the following factors.

  1. Type of diffuser: There are many types of diffusers in the market with different functionalities. We are not talking about fan diffusers, oil lamps, or clay discs. We are talking about the ultrasonic and nebulizer diffusers here. Nowadays you’ll also get many amazing essential oil diffusers along with kid-friendly designs and safety features.
  2. The running time of the diffuser: As per the experts, the diffusers should run around 30 to 60 minutes at a time around kids. Regular use of essential oil diffusers around kids is not advisable unless the use is very low. You can get a diffuser with auto on and off function. You can set the timer in these diffusers and just relax. Few drops of essential oil per day are fine. You can control the amount of essential oil by adding a few amounts of water. 
  3. The essential oil - Always check the label and be sure that they are chemical-free and safe for your kid. Do not buy essential oil that contains alcohol. We advise consulting with your doctor before buying essential oil because some essential oils shouldn’t be used for children. Make sure to take a test check for skin allergies before using it. If possible, consider the essential oils that are preferred as child-friendly oils. The list includes lemon, grapefruit, tea tree, and more.

Now comes the other main question, 

Is it safe to use essential oil diffuser around babies? 

Keeping a baby happy is the wish of every parent. Essential oil is considered as a good help in creating a comfortable environment for babies. But, is it safe to use? Well, the type of essential oil matters when it comes to babies. The best essential oil will save babies from harmful organisms in the air. There are preferred choices of essential oil like Lavender for babies. These types of essential oils can help to soothe a baby who won’t sleep. With the use of essential oil diffusers, oils get absorbed into the baby’s body easily. Usually, one should avoid using diffusers until a baby is a few months old. But it’s necessary to ask your doctor before you plan to use essential oil diffuser around your baby.

Diffusers are recommended with precautions but need more attention when used around kids. Keep it away from the areas where kids can easily reach. 

Pro Note

  1. Make sure the essential oil diffusers are used in an open, and big area of the home.
  2. If diffusing any new oil for the first time, monitor your child for several minutes to see how they react. If you notice any discomfort then turn off the diffusion immediately. 
  3. Never leave a diffuser and child alone even if you’ve set the timer on. 
  4. Store your essential oil at a safe place where your child cannot reach. 

Which essential oil diffuser do you use in your kid’s room?

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