How to Clean Essential Oil Diffuser Properly?

How to Clean Essential Oil Diffuser Properly?

by Pushpa Grover

An essential oil diffuser is one of the great ways to add a pleasant aroma to your home. But, do you know that you can damage your diffuser if you don’t clean it. The essential oil diffuser is just like your contact lens case. You use it daily, but you never thought of cleaning it. And, that’s a mistake. Just like any other device, any kind of diffuser needs proper maintenance and regular cleaning.

Essential oil diffuser use

Check out the three methods to clean essential oil diffuser.

Method 1: Remove the excess water from the diffuser. Take a few drops of dishwashing liquid on a cotton brush. Wipe the diffuser with the help of a cotton brush from the outside as well as inside of the diffuser. Make sure to use chemical-free natural cleaners only because chemicals can damage the diffuser. At last, take a cotton cloth dampened in clean water. Rub it inside and outside the tank. Rub the diffuser with a clean rag until the water gets completely clean. 

Method 2: In this method, first fill the diffuser with clean water. Now, add a few drops of white vinegar. The white vinegar cleans and helps to remove any oil stuck inside the diffuser. You can add around ten drops of white vinegar into the diffuser tank. You should use only white vinegar. Avoid using any vinegar with chemicals. Now run the diffuser for 12 to 15 minutes. This will loosen any oil stuck on the diffuser. After 12 to 15 minutes, unplug the diffuser and remove the water. At last, take a soft cloth and wipe the diffuser tank. Remove any stuck grime on the sides of the container. Make sure not to get any water into the buttons of the diffuser. 

Method 3: Usually, all diffusers can be safely cleaned using the above two methods. However, every diffuser machine is different. Your diffuser might have some different cleaning instructions. So, read the manufacturer's instructions. 

Pro tips - 

  1. Sometimes people keep the same water for a few days in a diffuser. Don’t do that. The longer you leave water and oil in the diffuser, the harder it will be to clean. Remove water and oil after each use. Every time you clean your essential oil diffuser, remove any excess water or oil. This will increase the life of your diffuser. 
  2. Never start cleaning your diffuser when it’s plugged. Every time you clean the essential oil diffuser, no matter by which method, make sure to unplug it. 

Sometimes even with regular maintenance, you may face some problems in your essential oil diffuser. Although cleaning the device is the solution to many issues, they may not always do the trick. There might be some other problem in the diffuser. There are a few reasons for that. 

  1. Water overheating: The problem of water overheating happens when the diffuser is full. In this case, unplug your diffuser, empty it, and let it cool before filling it again to the proper level. If the diffuser won’t start after this, the diffuser has most likely been damaged and needs to be repaired.
  2. Poor diffusion: If the problem is not overheating of water, then your issue must be a blocked fan inlet. Clean the passage of the diffuser as the dried-up oils can lead to poor diffusion. 

An essential oil diffuser can brighten your day, make your room environment positive, and so much more. Don’t you think this little thing deserves to be cared for in return? Use any of the three mentioned methods and show some love to your essential oil diffuser.

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