Want to Know All About the Anti-Gravity Phone Case? Keep Reading!

Want to Know All About the Anti-Gravity Phone Case? Keep Reading!

by Pushpa Grover

Technology related to smartphones is getting advanced to a very great extent. These smartphones sometimes cost more than $1k and even more. So, taking care of these smart things is very important.  

But, why do you need a phone case? 

Smartphones are the most used gadgets, so they have to face tough conditions. One of the most obvious reasons as to why a phone case is important is to protect your device's exterior. Nowadays smartphones are not cheap, and it is even more costly to send the phone in to repair. 

 Anti gravity iphone x case

Why do we need these Anti-gravity cases?  

Have you ever tried to cook while watching YouTube videos? It's super challenging to manage everything in your line of sight. So, you lookout for the perfect thing in your kitchen to hold your phone, but it almost inventively falls over. 

The Anti-Gravity phone case can help you keep recipes at eye level without any hassle. You can simply stick your phone to your kitchen cabinets. Oh, and this fantastic case is not just for foodies.  

How do these Anti-Gravity cases work? 

Imagine millions and zillions of tiny suction cups on the back of your case, providing grip to most smooth surfaces. These cases use the Nano suction, which allows you to stick any case to glass, metal, kitchen cabinets, mirrors, whiteboards, tile, flat car dashboards, and more.  

Advantages of Anti-Gravity phone cases  

  1. The Anti-Gravity phone case can protect your phone from any kind of mischances or unexpected dropping off your hand. The Nano Suction Technology will not wear out, and the grip on the surface will stay as powerful as the first day you got it. 
  1. This case is a blessing for You tubers. They wouldn't need a costly camera, tripod, other expensive accessories, or even somebody to shoot them. They would now be able to do it without anyone's help. 
  1. If you're a selfie freak person, this case is for you. You don't need a selfie stick anymore. Arranging the smartphone on a high surface guarantees the camera can capture all. Of course, you won't be able to get the farthest point like a selfie stick.  
  1. This case is ideal for Netflix streaming, Face timing with friends, working out, live streaming on Facebook, and much more. It will suction up and stick to glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, flat surfaces in your vehicle, and much more. 
  1. Basically, this Anti-Gravity phone case can adhere to practically any flat, non-porous surface, and if it happens to start losing its potent stick, just run it underwater, and it's like all new again.  
  1. If you are crazy about good sound, then you should definitely pick these cases because they do not cover the speakers of your mobile in any manner. The size also matters. No one likes to carry around a bulk. These cases come in a sleek and handy design.   

Disadvantages of Anti-Gravity case   

  1. The market is full of anti-gravity cases. Some cases may not stick to all surfaces, especially those that are non-smooth. Make sure to know all before buying.  
  1. Some cases come with protective edges. These edges are somewhat larger than some other smartphone cases and add a bit of bulk.   

Quick cleaning Tips

There are millions of Nano-sized craters on the surface of the case that can fill with dirt. This happens especially when the environment in which you use this case is dusty. Just take a damp cloth (or even a little water in your hand) and wipe down the back of the case. Give it 3 - 5 mins to dry so all the moisture can evaporate from the Nano-suction "craters" on the back of the case.  

Make sure the case matches your needs and is functional as expected. It keeps the phone well covered and protected from any sort of damages. Take advantage of this amazing Nano-suction technology with Anti-Gravity case

Always keep your phone handy no matter where you are and what you're doing!

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