The Importance of Proper Hydration With Water

The Importance of Proper Hydration With Water

by Himal Bhavsar

According to the study, dehydration victims were increased up to 250,000 globally due to the lack of information. A lot of people do not realize the importance of the daily amount of water requirements in their bodies. The most common manifestations are not listening to bodies' thirst signals or drinking less than the recommended amount of water. 

An average individual loses approximately 80% of the water from performing strenuous physical activities like walking, office work, or exercising. To gain maximum performance during athletic events, you should hydrate yourself. Not only does it make you more fit and tones, but it also makes you impervious to physical ailments and sickness. 

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It is a known fact that a human body consists of 75% water content. It depends on water for survival. Therefore, you need to keep hydrated to help your body conduct its normal functions such as assisting digestion, supporting circulation, transporting nutrients, maintaining body temperature at its maximum level, getting rid of toxins and waste.

Don't mistake commercialized drinks for water. 

The list continues when it comes to commercialized drinks. A lot of people mistakenly labeled these drinks for water. The truth is, these manufacturers sell beverages consisting of additives, artificial sweeteners, sugar, and other ingredients that cause obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

At this point, you should have a clear idea of how hydration works and what products can help you. Incidentally, if you think that your flavored water drink or tea is the same as drinking water, then you are wrong. These products are the exact opposite of hydration on every human body. 

How Much Should I consume daily? 

Consuming eight glasses per day is an excellent measure to achieving supple skin, healthy nails, and glossy hair. Consuming an adequate amount of water helps with concentration, tiredness, and alertness. Keeping yourself hydrated is the best method in helping your body to function correctly. 

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Disadvantages of Dehydration  

Conversely, drinking less than the minimum amount of water opens the risk of dehydration. Its onset can be stealthy because you will never know what you are already drying up until you experience a dry or sticky sensation in your mouth. But then, this sensation may be just too late for you to handle. 

Other lists of what inadequate water intake or dehydration can do to you are weight gain, obesity, dry skin, depression, acid reflux, stomach problems, premature aging, arthritis, migraines, and scaly skin. Whenever you are thirsty, do not forget to reach for your water bottle and you cannot go wrong. 

Whether or not you want to achieve a healthy body or maintain good skin, you cannot go wrong with the fruit infuser water bottle

Intro to Infused Water Bottle

Bid farewell to sugar-filled drinks and soda!

Over the last decades, a strong movement to a healthful workout and diet regimen throughout the world has been discovered. Due to this movement, people transformed into well-informed individuals about sugary beverages lining in the grocery stores claiming to be healthy products.

Our body needs to be instilled or infused water and not flavored drinks. Infused water is technically pure water combined with vitamins and minerals of natural herbs, vegetables, and fresh fruits. 

What Are The Benefits Of Fruit Infuser Water Bottle? 

  1. Infuser bottle is one of the latest health products available on the market today. It is an item that enables you to infuse a water bottle with a fruit of your choice, filtering it to get all the flavors of the fruit without any fruit skin and pulp. There are a number of benefits to this product, which explains its popularity in modern health-minded societies.
  2. The infuser bottle allows you to enjoy the benefits of fresh fruit. Since you are using pure fruit, you are sipping a real fruit juice. This is beneficial because most fruit juices sold by manufacturers contain empty calories and artificial sweeteners. 
  3. Infusing water with a fruit of your choice can lead to water gaining of at least 20% out of the antioxidants and vitamins of the fruit. This is the best way of getting nutrition without drinking commercialized fruit juice. 
  4. The infuser bottle makes water more palatable. It is a known fact that water is good for our health, but some do not enjoy its taste. These people find it difficult to drink the recommended eight glasses of water per day. Thus, they prefer cordials and squash which are very high in sugar since they are packed with artificial sweeteners and flavorings.

A fruit infuser bottle can save a great deal of money. Aside from buying commercialized fruit beverages and soft drinks, which is quite expensive, a combination of drinking water and fruit is a less expensive option.

Having a water bottle on hand that tastes like a delicious fruit makes it easier for you to achieve the recommended water intake daily. This applies to both children and adults who want to have other options aside from water. A good infuser bottle allows people to stay healthier easily.

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