Stay-at-home Mom Shares Her Fitness Program Secret

Stay-at-home Mom Shares Her Fitness Program Secret

by Himal Bhavsar

After giving birth to her second child, Kara Cline experienced several episodes of panic attacks. It was then that she realized how much she needed to change her life in a healthier way. She shared how much she follows workout routine regularly in her high school years, but it went away during her college. She recalled how her weight kept on piling up when she hung out with friends often and ate a lot of foods.


Mom Shares Her Fitness Program Secret to Losing Nearly 100 Lbs

In January 2018, after her second son was born, Cline suffered postpartum anxiety. At first, she thought it was a heart attack. She recalled experiencing several episodes of panic attacks. What really pushed her to be healthy is her weight. She was overweight because she did not watch her diet.

She spent months of reforming her diet. In September 2018, she discovered a health and fitness website called Fit-mecca that provides 6 FREE Health and Fitness E-books and a 28 Day Fat Burning Hacks Challenge. The 28 emails she received every day are life-changing and never been heard before. An eye-opener that makes her wonder, where does this content come from? 

When her kids are nearly 2 and 5 years old, she exercises three to four times a week in her living room. The contents are something personal because the authors always offer variations. The workout program includes body-weight exercises, cardio, yoga, eating habits, proper mindset, and interval training.

To keep her motivated, she joined the Fit-Mecca newsletter, downloaded the FREE e-books, and she loves it.

What makes her love the e-books and the emails is the idea that it can easily be done. Therefore, you can easily establish a strong habit from the start. Your questions are all answered before you can even start asking, and the contents are written in a friendly manner. If you are struggling, it would feel like you are NOT alone in this journey.

Since she loses nearly 100 Lbs., she admitted how much it boosted her confidence. During that time when she started to lose weight, the situation was an emotional roller-coaster for her. One of the best physical changed she did was to be able to play with her kids. Before she loses weight, she could not take her kids to the playground.

Cline emphasizes that when you work out regularly, your physical and mental health will improve. This improvement is very important to live a better life and influence your family into a better living. Her time is worth to properly eat, sleep well, and fuel her body with the right foods instead of eating junk foods and red meats all the time.

What is your fitness program secret? Please comment down below.

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