For some people, traditional yoga works well. But if you desire to eliminate the anger towards people or against a specific individual, Rage Yoga is a better remedy. This is helpful for those who are hot-headed, foul-mouthed, ass-kicking, and have difficulty in controlling temper.

Rage Yoga provides a place wherein people can unleash their badass selves without any bullshit, both online and offline. You do not have to control your anger. If you are pissed off at something, all you can do is show the rage towards it. Annoying things in life do happen, and this evolves at different circumstances – bills, your ex, senseless pressure, your co-employees, betrayed friend.

In a currently released Ladders article, it stated that anger could be beneficial at some point. Therefore, there is a reason for it. All you have to do is to start doing rage yoga instead of listening to some crappy nonsense statements. It is beautiful to rage.

According to its founder, rage yoga is about stretching and positioning to achieve good health and become zen.

Being calm, collected, and cool isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes, you need to accumulate your anger to get things done. Doing it in a constructive and safe place to unleash and awaken your negative beast is the best.

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