Ab roller is inexpensive and straightforward fitness equipment. With the use of the ab roller, you can get strong muscles. And we all know that improving muscles has benefits beyond the excellent body. Abdominal strength prevents lower back pain and enhances sports performances.

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So, are you a beginner? Want to learn how to use an ab roller? Check out how to use ab roller for beginners complete guide.

How to use an Ab Roller for Beginners Correctly?

Ab roller for beginners is quite an interesting thing. To perform an ab roll-out, go down on all fours. You need to grab the roller with your hands and lift your feet off the ground. If possible, engage your core and arms into the move. Next, you need to push the roller away. This movement consists of two parts. First, keep your back straight, so your arms are perpendicular to your body. Second, push the ab roller forward as much as you can.

Starting with Ab Wheels

Training with ab roller wheel and other exercises can be a great combo. Either you can do super series or different types of exercises with a roller.

So, let’s move on to the exercises.

  1. Ab Wheel Plank: This one is best for ab roller beginners. When you ab wheels for the first time, start from a kneeling position. Place the wheel in front of you, under your chest, in a place where you feel balanced. Move ahead, letting the wheel roll you forward as your arms straighten. You can use your core to push you forward and roll you back. It allows you to strengthen your muscles. With this exercise, you will learn how to hold the roller while working out. When you ask people what the best exercise to strengthen your core, 99% of the time, you will get the same answer which is planks. Planks are great as well as challenging, but they are also quite boring — That’s why many people hate Planks.
  1. Knee Roll-Out (Half Amplitude): The easiest exercise for beginners is Knee roll-out. What you need to do in this exercise is to hold your hands on the handle. It is good to perform this exercise for 10 to 15 times.
  1. Knee Roll-Out (Full Amplitude): The same movement is performed In this exercise, but the rollback is performed to the endpoint until the feet are almost parallel to the floor. If possible, make this move for 8 to 12 times.
  1. Standing Roll-Out: If you can perform the Knee roll-out smoothly, the next move is standing roll-out. Standing on straight legs, bend over, put the roller on the floor, and start moving forward until your chest touches the floor. Pause of 1 to 2 seconds and get back to the starting position. Repeat this for 10 to 15 times.
  1. Aside Roll-Out: After mastering all the above exercises, you can move ahead for hard ones. In this move, you need to perform a forward move along with a turn to the side. You must do an equal number of moves on each side.

We recommend that you slowly master these moves and take enough time to do many repetitions. Remember, it is very important to learn the right technique. For more efficiency, you can mix and match different moves and gradually decrease the rest time.

If you have any lower back issues, please consult your doctor before you use ab roll-out. Ab roller for beginners can be difficult as well as dangerous for people with weak muscles.