Resistance bands set are an amazing alternative to weights and a great addition to a weight training program. It’s a lightweight elastic band used for muscular contraction. These bands are also known as workout bands or exercise bands. The best thing about the resistance band is they’re inexpensive, versatile, and work really well for your muscles.

At first, these bands were used for rehabilitation. People with damaged muscles would use the bands to gain their strength. Today, these bands are used both by those undergoing physical therapy and by anyone looking to strengthen their muscles.

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resistance bands set

Sometimes people avoid tying resistance bands because they are not quite familiar with bands. Working out with bands feels different than dumbbells. There are six main types of resistance bands, and five standard colors for the bands to define their resistance.

A quick look at the benefits of using Resistance bands 

  1. Increase your physical strength
  2. Increase circulation
  3. Increase the health and bone strength
  4. Improve your mental health
  5. Enhance posture
  6. Build strong muscles
  7. Get a fit and healthy lifestyle
  8. Get an excellent ability to do activities
  9. Improve weight loss
  10. Get a better mood

Check out buying tips for Resistance Bands Set

Buy comfortable bands: Some resistance bands come with interchangeable handles so that you can take them off and on to use different bands. Some bands have handles that are larger than regular bands. At first, it looks like minor issues, but they can make using your bands more complicated than it needs to be. Buy resistance bands set with padded handles for your comfort.

Buy a variety of bands: Resistance bands come in a set. Most bands are color-coded according to a level like light, medium, heavy, and very heavy. For most brands, yellow and red collar bands are light, green is medium, and blue and black are considered heavy. Some exercises require more than one resistance band, so it’s best to have resistance bands set. It’s advisable to have at least three of them from light to heavy resistance band. Make sure to notice the level for each color so you can buy a variety.

Buy accessories: There’s an effective way to use resistance band buys, attaching them in different ways. If you have a strong pole or strain rail in your house to wrap the band around, you might not need extras. But, if you don’t have such things, you may get extra attachments. You can buy ankle cuffs, handles, and other accessories.

How to Get Started with Resistance Bands set? 

While the gym offers different strategies to strengthen your muscles, you can improve your strength without going to the gym. There are many ways like, use your own bodyweight for resistance, yoga, house activities, and using resistance bands set. These bands are a great option because they are portable, compact, and affordable. Whether you are traveling, tight on time, or short on space, exercise with these bands make it easier for you to do your regular physical activity.

Starting something new can be exciting and intimidating, especially if you are doing it all by yourself. Well, resistance bands are easy to use, so no need to worry about it. It is an excellent tool for anyone interested in strength-training. If you have never used these bands before, start with light bands and slowly head towards heavy bands.

You’ll find different kinds of resistance bands at almost anywhere from stores to online websites. If you are not sure which resistance band to buy, we suggest either buy a full resistance band set or go for a yellow or red band with handles.