Both yoga and gym are a popular fitness routine nowadays. However, not all people perform both exercises. This always depends on personal preference. I tried both yoga and gym and hence, I am in a position to compare the differences without effort and difficulty.

After leaving school, I used to jog, swim, or cycle every day. I spent my week doing lots of cardio exercises. When the gym hit the trend, I tried that too. I met a lot of personal trainers who are an expert in doing gym exercises, and everything went productive and beneficial for me. I lose fats all over my body and gain muscle mass. I became stronger and fitter.

However, all the things I did inside the gym to gain muscles did not come close to yoga. Well, this is just me and my opinion. Before I proceed, I would like to grab this opportunity of saying that both gym and yoga are beneficial for gaining and maintaining health and wellness.

The question is, why do I prefer yoga over the gym? I will give you my reasons supported by previous research and studies endorsed by experts around the world.

#1 Yoga improves strength and builds muscle

When done regularly, It improves strength and builds muscle by increasing physical strength through bodyweight training. You do not need to carry dumbbells, swing kettlebells, or lift barbells, instead, you are lifting your body weight via different inversions and asanas.

#2 Yoga is designed for the body, mind, and spirit

It is all about stability and balance, which means that one should focus on body movement and concentrate on the rhythm of one’s breath. It is a meditation by nature, and it transmits positive energy within you.

#3 Yoga prevents communicable and non-communicable diseases

Are you aware that Yogi Guru or T. Krishnamacharya who is the father of Yoga had techniques of Yoga Asana to manage or cure ailments such as coughs, colds, migraine, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, stress, high blood pressure, insomnia, cancer, and impotence? If you perform asana and Pranayama daily, you will be able to increase your levels of immunity and maintain your health.

#4 Yoga eases pains and aches

It purposely forces you to stretch and bend your body without difficulty, hence encourages the opening of energy channels which eases different body pains. With Yoga, you are lubricating your joints and muscles. Once these two are lubricated, your flexibility will increase, unlike in gym workouts that might lead to injuries and soreness. It does not mean that It is free from injury. Wrong techniques, no warm-up, and failure to follow basic instructions from a trained coach will lead to injuries.

#5 Yoga balances your hormones

Yoga Asana stimulates and balances your endocrine. Therefore, all your hormones will be kept and regulated at their maximum levels. From thyroxin, insulin, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, dopamine, endorphin will be regulated. As a consequence of these changes, your mood swings, stress, high blood pressure, cholesterol, insomnia, impotence, and unhappiness will be improved, and your depression will be eliminated.

Yoga mat for fitness

#6 Yoga rejuvenates

Through Pranayama, your breathing will improve since the capacity of your lungs will be increased. As you can see, your entire respiratory system is energized and cleared. While It improves your musculoskeletal system in a stronger and flexible way, your digestive system will also be stimulated. Therefore, your whole body is rejuvenated.

#7 Yoga is suitable for all ages

It can be done irrespective of your gender and age. It does not restrict any height and weight, thus making it more flexible and accepting of society.

#8 It can be performed anywhere

The yoga mat is the number one tool when it comes to practicing yoga. However, not all poses need an acupressure yoga mat. While driving, Pranayama can still be done. Unlike in gym workouts, there is no need for large, expensive equipment.

#9 Yoga improves focus

Improving focus means improving memory, and this is precisely what happens in yoga. The more you meditate, the better focus you will have. If you are constantly trained to focus more, you will eventually improve our memory.

#10 It decreases injury

In this modern world, athletes, bodybuilders, power-lifters, and sports fanatics entrust their well-being in Yoga. Since it not only improves flexibility and strength, a regular practice supplements athleticism, if you want to enhance your range of motion to reduce injury, you should consider doing it regularly.

If you have been a gym lover since from the beginning and at the same time a novice to yoga,  my suggestion is to combine both. There is no harm to combining both. There is no hard and fast rule. It allows you to pick which one works for you. Both are the most popular fitness routines and can lead you to be fit and healthy, it is just all about the techniques and intensity.

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