5 Healthy Snack Alternative

Snack times are important, not only in kids but also in adults. It helps to regain our energy levels until the next meal.  Snacking can prove to be really healthy and nutritious if you replace unhealthy snacks with healthy ones. There can be many options available to us which are not only just healthy but also delicious.

Assorted Nuts:

Nuts can prove to be a healthy snack alternative. It has many nutrients that our body requires to prevent diabetes, cancer, and depression. Despite being high in fats, when eaten in moderation, it can help in weight loss. They are easy to store and can be carried easily.

Almonds and Dark Chocolate:

Studies show that combining almonds with dark chocolate can help in reducing the risk factor of cardiovascular disease. Both are rich in magnesium. Although, you have to keep portion sizes in mind. Indulging in overeating of it can lead to high-calorie intake.

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