Green Tea Has Numerous Benefits

Green Tea was originated in China and is famous for its numerous benefits. Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world after water. However, out of 98% of tea-consuming people, Only 20% drink green tea. It helps to increase your blood flow and reduce cholesterol. Many studies have found that green tea prevents plenty of heart diseases. Some benefits of green tea are mentioned below:


Green tea boosts brain function. The key ingredient in the tea is caffeine, and it is a known stimulant. Many researchers have shown that caffeine improves a lot of functions of the brain such as mood, vigilance, memory, and reaction time.


According to the National Cancer Institute, a substance in tea known as polyphenols has been shown to decrease tumor growth. Green tea is an abundant source of antioxidants which is helpful in preventing cancer. Cancer rates are lower in countries where the consumption of green tea is high. 

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