The Cereal Killers Serial Killer

Get it? Bad joke but cereal can be a weight loss killer. You see after a night’s sleep your blood glucose levels drop. All the time you are asleep you are fasting. So when you wake up to have breakfast (to break the fast) and indulge in a bowl of whatever cereal, your blood sugars soar.

Your body responds by kicking out large doses of insulin which causes your blood sugar to come crashing back down. Before I go any further don’t jump the gun – I’m not telling you to skip breakfast. Especially since there is evidence that suggests people who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight. Research that analyzed food diaries found people who eat breakfast typically eat fewer calories during the day. People who skip breakfast are more likely to eat more calories during the day and put on weight.

Interesting, eh? Anyways… Back to cereal. What I’m saying is DO have breakfast. It’s important. Just don’t have cereal. You see what goes up, must come down. Remember… When you spike your blood glucose, your body kicks out insulin and your blood sugars come down.

This huge spike and subsequent crash cause havoc. The crash means you start to feel sleepy and tired. Then your body tells you to eat more to bring those sugar levels back up. This makes snacking between meals (and second breakfasts) much more likely. Or worse still you start to eat more for breakfast because you notice that you feel hungry mid-morning. It’s a vicious cycle. Cereal is a killer.

The problem is cereal is quick and easy. And because it’s so convenient there is a huge market and lots of money to be made. Big business + lots of money = clever cereal marketing but business and good health rarely go hand-in-hand. 

So what should you be having for breakfast instead? You need something that creates a gradual increase in blood glucose levels. You need foods that help keep your sugar levels stable so you can avoid any spikes. So your first step is to make sure you have breakfast. That will help you consume less during the course of the day.

The second step is to avoid processed cereals that are loaded with sugar and crap. This is what causes these huge spikes. Third, you need to see breakfast as a meal. Not a special kind of meal that revolves around milk and cereal. Breakfast is just a meal like any other and its purpose is to fuel and nourish your body.

So think about preparing your breakfast and making something from scratch. See it like a meal that includes protein. Lean protein should do it (not just processed meats like sausages and bacon). Don’t be scared of vegetables (the Japanese do). It might seem weird but that’s only because we’ve been conditioned by clever marketing.

Finally – get a few new breakfast dishes under your belt. Learn to knock up one or two alternatives you can make quickly and easily in the morning. The result? Stable blood sugar levels and a healthier you.

Which one of these ideas clicked with you the most? What topics are on your mind right now? When you guys share your takeaways in the comments, it helps us see what kind of information is actually valuable to you and we can focus on it more. We’re super interested in knowing which ones sparked an idea in your mind. Let us know in the comments.

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