10 Tips Of Finding the Best Time To Exercise For Moms

For anyone, sticking to a regular workout routine is a mere struggle. But for some mothers, the routine would be impossible. How can these mothers find time to work out when they have a hard time sleeping undisturbed in the first place?

Take the story of Katy Widrick before she became a mother. Being able to juggle her job as a blogger, TV producer, and a group fitness instructor, she believed to be a competent multi-tasker. When her daughter came, she learned that everything she thought about time management was a joke.

From caring to the kids, helping school assignments, keeping up with laundry, workplace demands, doctor appointments, it seems virtually impossible to find time to exercise. So, what happens? Are you the only mom who is struggling to find the best time to exercise? We asked our favorite fitness-minded bloggers to create a work plan for you.

1. Workout Should Be Your Priority

To attain this, you must create a vision because being disciplined is as important as being motivated. Before starting your day, you should be able to exercise because working out after work would not be possible. According to Angela Bekkala from Happy Fit Mama, you might be exhausted, or another commitment is coming your way which would hamper your workout routine.

2. Create a Non-negotiable Schedule

If you go with the flow, chances are, you won’t be able to exercise. You should make an appointment with your planner. According to Madeline Glasser, a full-time student and a blogger behind Food, Family, and Fitness, setting aside a specific schedule in your planner will feel like an appointment. The scheduling system should be a part of your day to day activity, and you should make it as non-negotiable.

3. Figure Out What to Do

Start your workout activity slowly but surely. If it’s within your budget, work with a personal trainer. If it is not feasible, do not forget to write down what you should do. According to Gia Alvarez of Run Gia Run, finding the motivation to workout is one thing, but figuring out what to do is another thing.

4. Stop Worrying About the Outfit

Plain black or printed capris? T-shirt or Tank top? Stop wasting your time debating what to wear. To make it to your workout routine, Ashley advises you to pick clothes the night before. It is even commendable to sleep with your workout clothes. Waking up at 5 a.m is easier if you prepare ahead of time.

5. Include Your Children

As a parent, finding time alone is hard. But the reality is, no one needs it when it comes to working out. Working out alone without kids around was not always possible according to Rachel Steffen of Running Rachel. She came to realize that her kids see her as a strong woman who loves working out if you include them in your routine. Tamara Grand, a personal trainer of FitKnit Chick, said that kids love to move.

6. Be a Workout Ninja

When your schedule or appointments are overflowing, stealthy workouts become a must. According to Atwood, you can do at least 15 minutes of cardio or strength training while your children are eating. Amanda Tress of Fit Parenting and Pregnancy advise you to do a high-intensity interval training in 15 minutes if your day is hectic.

7. Go Outdoors

When the weather permits, walk instead of commuting. You can even walk your kids to school to create bonding time with them at the same time maintain your fitness routine. During weekends, you can play soccer or other outdoor sports with your children.

8. Monitor Your Schedule

Regular exercisers take time instead of finding the time. You may not notice how many hours you spent on Social Media to stalk people, and you will be surprised how much you wasted your time. To be productive, why not use a portion of these hours for a workout. You can check your e-mail for 10 minutes and proceed to your best time to exercise routine. You should figure out how well you spent your time. If possible, accumulate at least 30 minutes for a workout or spread your activity in a day.

“I’ve learned to accept the time I do have and make the most of it.”

9. Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

If you have a rough day in the office, or if your child is sick, it’s alright to miss a day of exercise. The goal is to have time and energy to exercise regularly. For as long as you remain to be committed with your goal, there is nothing wrong if you skipped a day. You should learn to make use of the time you have. According to Laura Peifer, Health and Running Coach, and creator of Mommy Run Fast, never compare yourself to other moms to avoid pressure.

10. Build a Home Gym and Support Crew

Most mothers could not make it to the gym due to their tough schedules, but it does not mean their fitness goal ends there. The truth is, a gym membership is just a bonus. If you cannot go to the gym, make use of your space. A chair can help you perform various ways of exercises. Also, make sure to build a crew. Like-minded individuals will create a strong support system. You can find a workout buddy with your close friend, or neighbors, or your spouse.

Inserting your fitness routine into your busy schedule is always hard and challenging. But with planning and motivation, it is perfectly possible. Well-being should be your priority. When a mother is healthy, she is happy, and positive energy follows.

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